Journal Articles




Towards a Modern Progressive Society: The National Coalition and Social Reform. 1973-77‘, Irish Historical Studies, 38, 151 (2013).

Constructing the Irish Presidency: the Early Incumbents, 1938-1973’, Irish Political Studies.  Special Issue: The Politics of the Irish Presidency, 27, 4 (2012).

Correction: On p. 565, I note that the Supreme Court found the bill to amend the Offences Against the State Act, 1939, to be unconstitutional and Hyde declined to sign it into law.  In fact, the Supreme Court found the Bill to be constitutional and Hyde did sign off on it.  You can read the Supreme Court judgement in full here.  I am very grateful to Brian Murphy for pointing out this error to me. 

With Sean Farrell, Gary Murphy and Kevin Rafter, ‘Assessing the Irish General Election of 2011: a Roundtable’, New Hibernia Review, 15, 3 (2011).

Fine Gael’s Uncomfortable History: the Legacy of Cumann na nGaedheal’, Eire-Ireland, 43, 3&4 (2008).


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