Media Contributions

Newspapers / News-sites: 

  • The Irish Times
  • The Irish Times’ ‘Inside Politics’ podcast, 
  • Irish Examiner
  • Sunday Business Post
  • Sunday Independent.


  • RTÉ: The Front LineCampaign DailyReferendum 2018, 1 o’clock news
  • TV3: Tonight with Vincent Browne 
  • NVTV (Northern Vision TV): History Now.


  • Gun Plot (RTÉ),
  • Generation What? (RTÉ),
  • Leinster House: Seat of Power (Oireachtas TV),
  • What Are You Eating? (RTÉ),
  • The Rise and Fall of Fianna Fáil (TV3).

Radio (national): 

  • RTÉ: The History Show, Dave FanningMorning IrelandDrivetime ,
  • Newstalk: Talking HistoryColeman at LargeMoncrieff,
  • Today FM: The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Radio (regional): 

  • Dublin South FM: The Hen HouseSnapshot 
  • Highland Radio: Shaun Doherty Show 
  • LifeFM: Deep Cover Show 
  • KFM Radio: Kildare Today 
  • Phoenix FM: D15 TodayHistory Matters 
  • Dublin City FM: Good Morning DublinDublin Edition 
  • East Coast FM: The Morning Show
  • Midwest Radio: The Tommy Marren Show
  • North Manchester FM: A Helping of History with Hannah Kate
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