1920s Ireland

In early 2015 Irish Academic Press will publish an anthology of 1920s Ireland that I am co-editing with Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM) and Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University).

The 1920s have been relatively neglected, although recent scholarship — John M. Regan’s The Irish Counter-Revolution, my own The Cosgrave Party and Jason Knirck’s  Afterimage of the Revolution – has resulted in greater examination of that decade’s governing party, Cumann na nGaedheal.  This anthology draws together established and upcoming academics working in Ireland, Britain, America and Australia to offer new perspectives on a wider range of topics, some of which have been noticeably absent from the historiography of the period.

Divided into three sections, the book explores the experience of the 1920s through the themes of politics, economics and identity.  Chapters on loyalty, treason, religion and citizenship make an original contribution, while those exploring the party system, Republican socio-economic thought, the 1923 Land Act, the Shannon Scheme and the consolidation of the state of Northern Ireland offer new insights.


photo (5)
Draft Manuscript

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