with Stephen Collins, Fine Gael from Collins to Varadkar (Gill Books, forthcoming: December 2020).

A Just Society for Ireland? 1964-1987 (Palgrave, 2013).

The Cosgrave Party: a History of Cumann na nGaedheal, 1923-133 (Royal Irish Academy, 2010). 

Co-edited books

with Jennifer Evans, Perceptions of Pregnancy from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century (Palgrave: Genders and Sexuality series, 2017).

with Mel Farrell and Jason Knirck, A Formative Decade: Ireland in the 1920s (Irish Academic Press, 2015).

Journal articles

‘“Cope the Modern Way”: Electricity and the Irish Housewife, 1930s-1960s’, Irish Archives, 24 (2017).

‘“Towards a Modern Progressive Society”: the National Coalition, 1973-77’, Irish Historical Studies, 31, 151 (2013).

‘Constructing the Irish Presidency: the Early Incumbents, 1938-1973’, Irish Political Studies, 27, 4 (2012).

with Seán Farrell, Gary Murphy and Kevin Rafter, ‘Assessing the Irish General Election of 2011: a Roundtable’, New Hibernia Review, 15, 3 (2011).

Book chapters

‘The Woman’s Way Guide to Successful Marriage in 1960s Ireland’ in Salvador Ryan (ed.), Marriage and the Irish: a Miscellany (Wordwell Press, 2019).

‘The Irish Abortion Debate’ in Fiona Bloomer and Claire Pierson (eds), Crossing Troubled Waters: Abortion in Anti-Choice Islands (Island Studies Press, 2018).

‘Politics Pictorialised: Free State Election Posters’ in Mel Farrell, Jason Knirck & Ciara Meehan (eds), A Formative Decade: Ireland in the 1920s (Irish Academic Press, 2015).

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‘“Has He Called You Frigid Lately?”: How Women’s Magazines Handled Sex and the Irish “Guilt Complex” in the 1960s’, History Ireland, 26, 4 (July/August 2018).

Guest editor (with Jennifer Evans), special issue of Women’s History Magazine (2016).


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