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‘”Political Imbeciles”: Arthur Griffith’s Sinn Féin Newspaper and the Prelude to Independence’, The State of Ireland, 1914 Conference, Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester, UK.

‘Rewarding the Promiscuous? Perspectives on Unmarried Mothers in 1970s Ireland’, History Lab seminar series, University of Hertfordshire, UK.

‘From the Letters Page: Social Change and Irish Women, 1950s-1980s’, Social History Society Annual Conference, Newcastle, UK.

‘Negotiating Social Change: The Riordans and the Contraception Debate in Ireland, 1965-1978′, Pill and Pen: Contraception, Unwanted Pregnancy and Family Planning in Global Literature and Popular Culture, University of Iowa, Iowa, USA.

‘”The Irish! They Just Talk About You”: Abortion Narratives in Modern Ireland’, University of Hertfordshire History Group research weekend, Cumberland Lodge, UK.

‘What is the IRA?’, University of Hertfordshire History Society, Hertfordshire, UK.


‘Taking the Longer View: Fine Gael’s Commitment to Youth’, Young Fine Gael National Conference, Waterford, Ireland.

‘Land, Religion, Identity: the Making of Modern Ireland’: Guest talk for Visiting Fellows from Lenoir Rhyne University. University College Dublin, Ireland.

‘Towards a Just Society: Declan Costello, Fine Gael and Policy Formulation in 1960s Ireland’: Podcast for (Ireland).


‘Women in 1970s and ’80s Ireland: Activists, Lobbyists, Politicians’ (with Claire McGing, NUIM): Bibliofiles series, National Library of Ireland.

‘Gerard Sweetman: a Political Career’: Gerard Sweetman Symposium, NUI Maynooth, Ireland.

‘Why Not a Woman? Garret FitzGerald and the Case for Reforming Irish Political Culture in 1980s Ireland’ (with Claire McGing, NUIM): Social History Society Conference, Brighton, UK.


‘The Just Society and Liberal Trends in Fine Gael’: Contemporary Irish History Research Seminar Series, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

‘The Establishment of the Irish Presidency: the Early Office Holders’: Political Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

‘Garret FitzGerald’s Constitutional Crusade: a Commentary on Liberal Ireland?’: Identity and Society in the Modern World Conference, University College Dublin, Ireland.


‘Fine Gael, the Just Society and the 1965 General Election: a “Shotgun Marriage”?’: Irish Studies Seminar Series, Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland.

‘In Search of a Just Society: Fine Gael and the National Coalition, 1973-77’: Ireland Since 1966: New Perspectives Conference, University College Dublin, Ireland.

‘Towards a Just Society: Policy Formulation in Ireland, 1965-1977’: Bi-Annual Policy History Conference, Ohio, USA.

‘”You Can Use This if You Can Corroborate the Source”: Backroom Politics and the Making of the Just Society’: Private Stories, Public History Conference, University of Limerick, Ireland.


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