Generating a Conference via Social Media

Almost one year after Jennifer Evans and I began talking about the possibility of organising a conference that would explore pregnancy throughout history, the event has drawn to a successful conclusion. On 16 July, we welcomed a very international delegation to the University of Hertfordshire for three days of discussion on perceptions of pregnancy from theContinue reading “Generating a Conference via Social Media”

Launch of First World War Centre, University of Hertfordshire

Last night I was at the launch of the First World War centre at the University of Hertfordshire. There was a great turnout for an evening of soap-boxes, a Roadshow of artefacts and ephemera, and a production of J.M. Barrie’s play, A Well-Remembered Voice (1918).  In addition to academics from other universities and representatives from such museumsContinue reading “Launch of First World War Centre, University of Hertfordshire”

Conference CFP: Perceptions of Pregnancy – From the Medieval to the Modern

Download a PDF of the call for papers here. Visit the conference website for updates.

The Dagenham Women, Equal Pay and Women’s Rights

I’ve just spent a wonderfully entertaining afternoon in the presence of Vera Sime, Eileen Pullen, Gwen Davies and Sheila Douglas — the women who inspired the 2010 film Made in Dagenham (of which they remarked, the basic story was there, but it was dressed up a bit).  The Business School at the University of Hertfordshire organised theContinue reading “The Dagenham Women, Equal Pay and Women’s Rights”

Some Thoughts / Tips for Relocating Abroad for Work

UPDATED, 3 September 2013 Relocating abroad is stressful. There’s no getting around it. Opening a bank account, finding somewhere to live, applying for a national insurance number (if you’re moving to the UK), getting a new phone number… The list goes on, each item posing its own set of challenges. I was lucky that I’dContinue reading “Some Thoughts / Tips for Relocating Abroad for Work”

Moving On (Goodbye, UCD)

On Monday (1 July), I attended my first history staff meeting at the University of Hertfordshire where I’ll officially be taking up my new lecturing position in September.  This marks the end of an era for me.  Since 2000, I have been firstly a student and then a member of the academic staff at UniversityContinue reading “Moving On (Goodbye, UCD)”