Highland Radio interview on ‘The Young Wife’

Yesterday morning I was invited to discuss with Shaun Doherty on Highland Radio the Young Wife booklet I blogged about here, we also had a quick chat about the Mixed Marriages booklet I wrote about here. Both of these booklets, which belonged to my grandmother, gave instruction on how to live a good married life in accordance with CatholicContinue reading “Highland Radio interview on ‘The Young Wife’”

‘There is an evil growing’: Views on Mixed Marriages (1917)

Thursday’s post — ‘Your Husband Comes First in the House’: a (Catholic) Guide for the Young Wife (1938) — attracted a lot of interest. It was re-tweeted numerous times, re-blogged and reproduced on Broadsheet.ie and IrishCentral.com. Thank you to everyone who took an interest.  If you didn’t read the post, it looked at a bookletContinue reading “‘There is an evil growing’: Views on Mixed Marriages (1917)”