Round-Up: The State of Ireland, 1914 Conference #TSOI1914

I’ve been in Manchester for the past couple of days to attend The State of Ireland, 1914, conference organised by Dr Katherine Fennelly and Dr Patrick Doyle of the University of Manchester.  While discussion of the First World War and the Irish Revolution naturally could not be escaped, it was really refreshing to consider 1914 beyond theContinue reading “Round-Up: The State of Ireland, 1914 Conference #TSOI1914”

In Pictures: Kilmainham Gaol

Mondays have taken on a recent tradition of visits to various historical sites around Dublin by Pamela and I in pursuit of ideas for my new book on Dublin in the Revolutionary period. Today, it was off to Kilmainham Gaol. I’ve been on several occasions previously, always with students in tow. And while I reallyContinue reading “In Pictures: Kilmainham Gaol”

Glasnevin Cemetery: Where the Stories of the Ordinary and the Powerful Intertwine

I visited Glasnevin Cemetery this morning as part of my research for the new book I’m writing on Dublin in the revolutionary period.  With Pamela (my ‘research assistant’ / partner in crime) in tow, I intended to have a look at the graves of the Republican Plot and maybe visit those of other powerful figuresContinue reading “Glasnevin Cemetery: Where the Stories of the Ordinary and the Powerful Intertwine”

Living in the Shadow of History: Swords

With a view like this from the window of my childhood bedroom, it’s probably not all that surprising that the past has captured my imagination.  I grew up conscious that I was living in the shadow of the 80-foot-tall residence of the Plunkett family who had resided at Dunsoghly Castle between the fifteenth and nineteenthContinue reading “Living in the Shadow of History: Swords”