A Graveyard with Character

I’m back in Dublin for a few days. With the blessing of the graves just around the corner, I went with my Dad to water the flowers on our family plot. The graveyard has always intrigued me. According to local folklore, an underground tunnel connects Dunsoghly Castle (which I’ve previously mentioned here) with the former church that lies inContinue reading “A Graveyard with Character”

In Pictures: Kilmainham Gaol

Mondays have taken on a recent tradition of visits to various historical sites around Dublin by Pamela and I in pursuit of ideas for my new book on Dublin in the Revolutionary period. Today, it was off to Kilmainham Gaol. I’ve been on several occasions previously, always with students in tow. And while I reallyContinue reading “In Pictures: Kilmainham Gaol”

The Dublin Tenement Experience

I have two young children and on one occasion the roof fell in on us. We were not able to contact the landlord. In fact, not since May 1960 has anybody come near us for rent. The place is appalling. There is one toilet for the whole three-storey building and rats are running all overContinue reading “The Dublin Tenement Experience”