NEW Book: A Formative Decade: Ireland in the 1920s

The new book that I co-edited was — rather fittingly, given that it’s world book day — published by Irish Academic Press today. Co-edited with Mel Farrell (Maynooth University) and Jason Knirck (Central Washington University), it brings together established and upcoming scholars to explore Ireland in the 1920s.

New Book: 1920s Ireland

I have previously mentioned how I am writing a chapter on political posters for a book on 1920s Ireland, which I am co-editing with Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM) and Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University).  We have just agreed a contract with Irish Academic Press to publish the book in early 2015. The 1920s have been relatively neglected, althoughContinue reading “New Book: 1920s Ireland”

Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)

Along with Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University) and Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM), I am editing an anthology of 1920s Ireland. We have a great line up of contributors — both established and upcoming academics — and a diverse range of topics. In considering the subject of my chapter, I was immediately drawn to the area I foundContinue reading “Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)”

A Fine Gael / Fianna Fáil Reconciliation? A 1927 Proposal

Many thanks to the William Carleton Society for permission to use this footage. Further details on the Society are available from Speaking at the William Carleton Summer School this week, Mary O’Rourke advocated that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael bridge the political divide between them and give serious thought to coming together in a political coalition come theContinue reading “A Fine Gael / Fianna Fáil Reconciliation? A 1927 Proposal”

Lost Leader, Neglected Leader: Michael Collins and WT Cosgrave

Much of Fine Gael’s past is now of the stuff of history.  Fine Gael is content to leave it … to the ultimate judgement of the historian. I was reminded of this quote from an off-the-peg election speech from 1954 while reading Stephen Collins’ Irish Times column about the annual Parnell summer school, which starts onContinue reading “Lost Leader, Neglected Leader: Michael Collins and WT Cosgrave”

1932 lesson: future matters most to voters, The Irish Times

Fianna Fáil first came to power 75 years ago today to replace a party ‘out of touch’ with the people, writes Ciara Meehan The first Fianna Fáil government was formed 75 years ago today. The party’s victory had brought to an end 10 years of Cumann na nGaedheal government. It is interesting that on the 75thContinue reading “1932 lesson: future matters most to voters, The Irish Times”