New Book: 1920s Ireland

I have previously mentioned how I am writing a chapter on political posters for a book on 1920s Ireland, which I am co-editing with Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM) and Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University).  We have just agreed a contract with Irish Academic Press to publish the book in early 2015. The 1920s have been relatively neglected, althoughContinue reading “New Book: 1920s Ireland”

Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)

Along with Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University) and Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM), I am editing an anthology of 1920s Ireland. We have a great line up of contributors — both established and upcoming academics — and a diverse range of topics. In considering the subject of my chapter, I was immediately drawn to the area I foundContinue reading “Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)”

1920s America: The Lowering of Morals and Raising of Hemlines

This short post originally appeared on the now defunct Irish history blog, Pue’s Occurrences. At the time, I was prompted to write it after an episode of Strictly Come Dancing. Odd, I know, but then inspiration can come from the strangest of places. That night, viewers were transported back to the 1920s through fast-paced dancing,Continue reading “1920s America: The Lowering of Morals and Raising of Hemlines”