Generating a Conference via Social Media

Almost one year after Jennifer Evans and I began talking about the possibility of organising a conference that would explore pregnancy throughout history, the event has drawn to a successful conclusion. On 16 July, we welcomed a very international delegation to the University of Hertfordshire for three days of discussion on perceptions of pregnancy from theContinue reading “Generating a Conference via Social Media”

Co-Editing a Book: Some Reflections

A thick stack of papers sits on my desk: visible evidence of a process that has been both enjoyable and frustrating.  It is the manuscript for the tentatively titled A Formative Decade — an edited collection of essays that examines 1920s Ireland. An electronic version has been sent to the publisher, Irish Academic Press (IAP). And although theContinue reading “Co-Editing a Book: Some Reflections”

Perceptions of Pregnancy Conference: Call for Papers Closing Soon

Perceptions of Pregnancy: From the Medieval to the Modern is a three-day conference that I am co-organising with my colleague, Dr Jennifer Evans. It will be held at the University of Hertfordshire between 16 and 18 July. The response to our call for papers so far has been fantastic, and with abstracts coming from placesContinue reading “Perceptions of Pregnancy Conference: Call for Papers Closing Soon”

NEW BOOK: The Irish Presidency: Power, Ceremony and Politics

Originally posted on Irish Politics Forum:
Although the office of President of Ireland has attracted a great deal of public attention, especially since the election of Mary Robinson in 1990, the presidency has been the subject of little analysis. This gap in our knowledge of Irish politics is filled by this timely collection, which brings together a set of…

Conference Updates: Perceptions of Pregnancy

I previously posted the Call for Papers for the Perceptions of Pregnancy conference that I am organising with my colleague, Dr Jennifer Evans. Those who are interested in the conference should keep an eye on our blog for conference updates; you can also sign up for email updates. We’ll also be posting columns on issuesContinue reading “Conference Updates: Perceptions of Pregnancy”

Conference CFP: Perceptions of Pregnancy – From the Medieval to the Modern

Download a PDF of the call for papers here. Visit the conference website for updates.

New Book: 1920s Ireland

I have previously mentioned how I am writing a chapter on political posters for a book on 1920s Ireland, which I am co-editing with Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM) and Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University).  We have just agreed a contract with Irish Academic Press to publish the book in early 2015. The 1920s have been relatively neglected, althoughContinue reading “New Book: 1920s Ireland”

Social History Conference, 2014: Panel on Everyday Lives

The Social History Society’s annual conference takes place next year at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle between 8 and 10 April. I’m hoping to put together a panel of historians who work on everyday lives / emotional history using diaries, letters, magazines, etc as their main sources.  The papers can be from across any timeContinue reading “Social History Conference, 2014: Panel on Everyday Lives”

Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)

Along with Dr Jason Knirck (Central Washington University) and Dr Mel Farrell (NUIM), I am editing an anthology of 1920s Ireland. We have a great line up of contributors — both established and upcoming academics — and a diverse range of topics. In considering the subject of my chapter, I was immediately drawn to the area I foundContinue reading “Ireland’s First Political ‘Talkie’: W.T. Cosgrave on Film (1933)”

The National Coalition and Social Reform, 1973-77

The 1970s was a time of crisis internationally, when governments struggled to cope with rising inflation and public indebtedness in the aftermath of the first oil shock. It was also a period of social change, of demands for divorce and abortion, and second-wave feminism campaigned for greater rights for women. But as many of theContinue reading “The National Coalition and Social Reform, 1973-77”

‘From the Archives’: History Hub in Collaboration with UCD Archives

Image from is a forum for historians to contribute to current policy debates and a media-hub to access the latest in academic research via podcasts.  It is also an on-line resource to view documents from UCD Archives.