Can you help? Crowd-sourcing the 1960s

My current research project focusses heavily on the 1960s, looking at everyday lives in general and the domestic setting in particular. There are three strands to the outputs for this project: a book, journal article and an exhibition (more on that at a later stage).

My research to date has been concentrated mostly on women’s magazines, in the pages of which I have found references to various manuals, guides and pamphlets. Certain titles are held at the National Library of Ireland or the British Library, others I have been able to track down elsewhere, but some still allude me. Understanding what people were reading for guidance and the nature of the advice given is an important aspect of my work, so I’m hoping that social media might be able to help fill in the gaps.

I’d be very grateful if you might take a moment to consider if any of the following might be in your attic or in a drawer somewhere in your house — I’d also be interested in items from the 1960s not on the list below, but that you feel might be useful / relevant. And if you can’t help directly, perhaps you might share this? Thank you!

Facts of Life:

Towards Maturity: a facts of life book.

My Dear Daughter (books 1 and 2 — versions published in or before 1960s)

Girls Growing Up by B. Delarge — the edition published in or before 1960s (the BL copy is from 1972).

Facts About the Change of Life by Father Hugh O’Connell


Instruction manuals for cookers, sewing machines, washing machines, etc.

Literature (leaflets, brochures, etc.) relating to the Ideal Homes Exhibition.

Literature (leaflets, brochures, photographs, etc.) relating to the Housewife of the Year competition.

Published by Dr Ciara Meehan

Reader in History at the University of Hertfordshire.

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