A Just Society for Ireland? mentioned in Vincent Browne’s Irish Times column

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Prompted by my book, Vincent Browne writes about his recollections of Declan Costello’s Just Society and offers his views on the documents legacy to Fine Gael in today’s Irish Times:

Fifty years ago a politician published a manifesto which, if implemented, would have changed the nature of Irish society, would have defied the ethos of contemporary political culture and would have spared us so much of the misery caused by the recent crisis…

… Equality is regarded either as impractical in the modern world or as a crankish obsession with an “outmoded” ideology.

This column has been prompted by the recently published A Just Society for Ireland? 1964-1987 by Ciara Meehan, which tells the story of how the “Just Society” project came into being and how it was defeated.

You can read the column in full here.

Published by Dr Ciara Meehan

Reader in History at the University of Hertfordshire.

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