The Cedar Lounge Revolution blog is currently hosting a competition to win a copy of my new book, A Just Society for Ireland? 1964-87. Closing date for entries is 3 January 2014.


The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Reposting this as its the last day for entries….. and even if you don’t know all the answers please enter as I’ve no correct answers yet.

A prize?…… Yes a prize….
The prize being a copy of Ciara Meehans book ‘A JUST SOCIETY FOR IRELAND? 1964-1987’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

Send your entries to
The Closing date for entries is the 3rd of January 2014

1. Who is this Councillor and what office does he currently hold?

2. Which TD sent this Christmas Card?

3. Which of these never stood for Fianna Fail at Local Elections, Sonny Knowles, Mick Flavin or PJ Mara ?

4 Finally name these present or former TDs?


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